The fairytale of Polli, an Italian brand that made history. Set up in 1872 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Fausto Polli, it quickly became a leading company in the sector of vegetable preserves, taking the centre stage in the national and international market.

With a presence in 45 countries worldwide, its vision is based on consistency between company values, quality of the ingredients and products, loyalty to consumer needs.

Today, Polli group has 4 state-of-the-art facilities, models of efficiency, technology and productive flexibility, where more than 130 raw materials are processed each year, turning out approximately 25,000 tonnes of vegetables and more than 110 million packages, part of an extremely rich range of products able to meet the most diverse consumer needs.

Polli vegetable preserves

No need to visit Italy, When Italy can come to you.

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